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Hanabi was yawning and stretching as he sat up rubbing his eyes with his forearm and wrist as he prepared to get up letting his blanket fall to the floor. Today he was going to the academy again and was told he would be helping assist some instructor with demonstrating some technique, he was not sure who it was going to be as he wondered if he would be seeing his mom today. Hanabi got to brushing his teeth while thinking on what to do for the day, he was a bit too tired to go to his usual spot on the wall as he felt a bit sad he would miss the sunrise today, but you can not watch the sun rise everyday that was just another fact of life.

Hanabi washed out his mouth as he gargled for a bit before spitting out as he started preparing the shower and went to get some clothes ready for the day and went to go see what was left for breakfast today. Hanabi got two eggs and some bacon as he placed them one side and would make them after as he yawned one more time before getting into the shower and washing his hair. He began to think back to his fight at the academy as he rubbed his nose again, he wanted to know a way to counter that punch, he wanted to become stronger and most of all he did not want to lose in front of his mom again. He felt like losing in front of her hurt a lot more then just getting beaten up since he usually gave up earlier during the spars, but he could not give up in front of his mom, not if she was watching as he got out the shower he put on a brown shorts, a long white sleeve loose t-shirt, then put on a thicker short sleeved maroon t-shirt with brown cuffs on the ends of the sleeves and brown ring around the color area.

Hanabi tried to practice using his jutsu to make his breakfast as he performed the ox and then tiger hand seals to mold chakra into his lungs and tried to aim as carefully as he could. He shot the small fireball from his mouth and the stove lit up and the bacon and eggs in the pan seemed to be ready really fast, but he did not think it all the way through as their was a small explosion as Hanabi fell on his back and there was a small flame that started disappearing as he realized using fire jutsu to light a stove was a bad idea.

He hoped he would not get scolded by his mom later as he used a table cloth to put out the fire before tossing that on the side as he noticed he had mild burns on his fore arms and a bit of a charcoal look on his forehead and cheek. Hanabi began to eat the bacon and eggs as they tasted a bit burnt, but food was food and some people had to go hungry for an entire day. After that Hanabi ran through the streets straight for the academy just barely making it on time as he rushed to his class with the rest of the children. He glared a bit at the boy who beat him up, while that boy just got a bit nervous about it.

Finally he went to go sit in his seat at the back of the corners of the academy class as he waited to see who would be teaching them today.

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His forehead protected was polished above his brows slightly covered with blonde bangs. Most people did not identify him as a Uchiha but most call him a fake. He remembered talking to Izumi and telling her that the Academy was requesting assistance; little did he know that he was the one who would be assisting. Kinko had become an attache to Izumi, one who would help with day to day activities while assisting her with long term planning. The young Uchiha had not been out to the field in quite some time but surely is capable of assisting in teaching a class. While Kinko had a desire to create a lesson plan on genjutsu, he decided that might be too advanced for the class at this point and will help with senbons. Senbons were only minimally covered in the Academy but were Kinko’s choice of projectile. These lightweight, fast, and accurate needles could be used to deal precision blows while not producing as much sound as other projectiles, since they were so thin, blocking them required perceptive shinobi.

The young Uchiha, draped in a red shawl over his shoulders entered the room of the Academy. His face had a smile due to his happiness and overall enjoyment of teaching a course. His eyes looked over the students to see who was paying attention, bullying others, or were shy. Once he reached the front of the room. He placed his hands behind his back and with a commanding tone. “ I am Uchiha Kinko. I will be teaching you basic knowledge of” His right arm reached down into his senbon pouch, quickly pulled three out and jolted them across the room to stick into the wall. The movement occurred so quickly, many students were surprised, shocked, scared, or a combination. “Senbons. These senbons are versatile. They can help block other projectiles such as kunai or shuriken. But, these are much quicker and lighter. Special forces may use these projectiles in silent missions due to their silence while flying. Additionally, they can be thrown more precisely than other projectiles. While, the drawbacks and range and damage. A senbon might not be able to travel as far, and the individual senbon may not do as much damage. However, when multiple senbon are thrown the combined damage can outweigh the kunai. And, multiple wounds are more difficult for medical ninja to heal.” Kinko blinked. “You should be writing this down” However, before Kinko allowed the students to move, his eyes looked for a volunteer. His eyes peered off to someone who was important to him. The young student might now know Kinko very well. But, Kinko actually works for Hanabi’s mother. And, Hanabi was a Uchiha as well. With a senbon in his hand, he pointed to the student in the corner. “Hanabi, why don’t you come down a volunteer. I want to see your proficiency with a senbon. Come down and try to stick the senbon into the wall, but be careful to not stick it into another student.” He said with a chuckle while the students were confused on how Kinko knew names of students.

His outreached hand with a senbon waited for Hanabi to pick up the senbon. “Maybe if you are good, you can help teach the class.”

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The one who was to instruct them today was a blonde guy. He looked at the rather unique guy who then spoke up and stated his name as Uchiha Kinko and announced he would be teaching them some basic knowledge, Hanabi was a bit curious though it did not show on his face as he looked so dead serious as his gaze would pierce the hearts of lesser individuals. That vacant stare that asked you to get to the point at times, or that made it look like he was looking passed you at something else.

Hanabi's eyes just flickered for a moment, he did not perceive when it happened he only knew what had happened. Some of the children were still staring for a while as one of the boys who had a higher then average perception cried out with a sharp "ah!!", while some looked back and others just had question marks in their minds. The teacher announced that they were senbons, they were versatile and did this not just describe kunai and shuriken as well. From what practice he had he knew that kunai were good at close range and were really good to throw directly at targets. Shuriken were a bit of a mid range only kind of weapon but they could arc at angles to get around corners, however senbon seemed less impressive for most academy students simply because they just seemed so fragile when you looked at them.

When everyone got told they should be writing this down, at least a quarter of the text book students had already done so, while Hanabi took note of it and thought he would find the actual text book and read up on what was said later on. Hanabi got a bit shocked as the instructor called out to him, he knew that this was a friend of his mom's so he thought maybe that was why he was called out. He came down as some whispered things, while others had this look on their face as if this was a bad idea, while some just felt relieved it was not them.

Hanabi took hold of the senbon and looked at it a bit, he figured best would be to throw it like a kunai, he did not have the loop to spin it so all he could do was a guided toss, he did this as it flew a bit slowly through the air it just hit the wall softly going in a little bit then falling out. Definitely was not the same as a kunai and the lack of power was why it did not pierce the wall, though the original teacher would probably be a bit upset if there were a bunch of holes in the wall as Hanabi had been holding back a bit. He then spoke up politely

"Sensei, aren't we suppose to practice weapons outside" as a few of the others also seemed to realize this afterwards. The target boards and so on were all outside the class room and most of the time you were taken outside

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Kinko had a smile on his face as the young Uchiha came down the steps to the front of the classroom. All eyes were set on Hanabi; however, it was only Kinko who were what he was looking at. Kinko took note of the stance, footwork, and technique that Hanabi utilized. Kinko let a slight smile escape as he saw the senbon launch from the Uchiha's hand. Kinko listened to the sound that the senbon made as it traveled through the air, once it stuck to the wall, Kinko nodded in approval. However, within seconds, the senbon fell out and bounced around the ground. Surely, the issue was not the tip of the senbon.
Kinko looked down to the Uchiha to see his reaction. However, Hanabi had seemed more apprehensive and hesitant than excited or eager. While it was perfectly reasonable for Hanabi to be concerned about creating holes into the Academy's classroom walls, this was no concern for Kinko.

"Sensei, aren't we suppose to practice weapons outside"
Kinko blinked his eyes with a moment of hesitation he spoke. "Do you believe the issue as to why the senbon did not stick to the wall is because you were afraid of getting in trouble for poking holes into the walls of the Academy?" The tone of voice and style of questioning suggested a few things. First, that Kinko ignored Hanabi's concern, that Kinko has little patience. However, it might have struck a cord to consider what and how Hanabi should consider how to live his life. If given the chance, Kinko was the type to ask for more senbons to poke holes into the wall. Perhaps, the two were inherently different.

Kinko only give Hanabi a moment to process and answer the question. However, Kinko knows what pressure, nerves, and being questioned in front of all the people feels like. "We can go outside. But, if we do, the pop quiz required to pass will be more difficult and intensive for everyone. Also, a passing grade is required to leave the Academy to go home." While, Kinko knew this was in the grey area of what the Academy can do, he was not concerned.

"So, do we stay inside or go out?"
Kinko asked in a way to understand Hanabi more. Kinko would never do something like this to another student. However, Kinko was testing Hanabi, someone who he knew he would have to help at some point. Kinko expected a lot from Hanabi simply being the child to Izumi. Additionally, Kinko was testing the leadership capabilities of Hanabi. The class stunned in silence waited eagerly, yet nervously, for Hanabi to make his decision.

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Hanabi looked on and noticed Kinko did not seem to care much for the lesson, though maybe he was just feeling he had to do all this work to help out a bunch of academy students as Hanabi felt he was being looked down upon to some extent, though this did not show on his face. He had a face similar to that of a young child at the moment, a pure look of confusion as to why they were throwing senbon inside the classroom.

Kinko asked him if he believed the senbon did not stick to the wall because he was afraid of making holes in the walls of the academy. Hanabi could feel the pressure, but at the same time the other students were all confused and went deep into thought, they began thinking all the words Kinko-sensei were saying had deeper meaning as it felt as if question marks were now hovering over all the students heads.

Then Kinko-sensei said they could go outside, but if they do a pop quiz required to pass would be made more difficult and intensive for everyone. Also something about a passing grade being required to go home for the day, as some students who knew better thought the instructor for the day was a bit crazy, while some portion of the students went into a panic shivering slightly.

Hanabi thought about it for a moment, a new instructor wants to show off the abilities of a senbon. He wishes to make holes in the walls of the class room or go outside and give everyone a rather difficult task to complete. Shibui Yamato grinned as the other students seemed to catch on as he gave a glance towards Hanabi who then closed his eyes for a moment before showing a more determined look in his eyes.

"We will go outside" is what Hanabi chose to say as the other students looked confused.
Hanabi's class mate, Yamato who beat him up in front of his mom not too long ago then spoke up, "guys, half of you are failing the test anyways, a more difficult test is changing nothing for us". Hanabi did not say much as the two had a new understanding after their spar the other day.

It was clear that Shibui Yamato was one of the main leaders in the class, while Hanabi generally was stubborn as he suggested going outside in the first place he stuck to his path firmly. To Hanabi he also thought about it that if your village was under attack would you want the fight inside your home, or would you want it outside of the village. In this case the village would be the class room and the training area outside was the battle field. He did not waver and the rest of the class seemed to follow the dual lead of Yamato and Hanabi who seemed like they might be getting closer.

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The Uchiha waited only a moment before Hanabi spoke. He seemed confident and proud of his decision, this brought a smile and a sense of relief upon his face. With a nod of approval, a young student stood up and belittled the class in an arrogant way. A smirk appeared on his face. Kinko, a man of voting with feet and a sense of competition, knew a perfect way to respond. He pointed his finger at the young student, "You must be Shibui Yamato." The young student looked surprised and confused on how Kinko would know his name. "I was warned about you. I heard you have been causing problems for some people." A smile appeared on his face as he quickly looked down at Hanabi to see his reactions. "Since you seem so confident that you will pass and others will fail. Let's see how confident they are in you, let's see how many students you can help pass this test." A students were all confused on what Kinko was talking about. Whispers could be heard but were quickly silenced as Kinko continued.

"Come to the front of the class and face off against your new rival." Kinko had heard briefly about this young boy; he was reckless, confident, and often in a hurry to showcase his abilities, which often led to violence. The young student came down as he stood across, Hanabi, face to face. "You see, these two students will help me teach this class. They will be showing you how to throw a senbon and other skills." The Uchiha's eyes peered the room as the students were slowly showing their fear of the unknown. "Now, you all have a test in front of you. All of you will need to stand behind who you believe will do best. The team that wins by outperforming the other, will all be sent home early. However, the losing team will face an unknown punishment. Choose wisely."

Kinko stepped back to watch some students automatically walk towards Shibui Yamato, there seemed to be a sense of loyalty. However, other students seemed more skeptical. Quick conversations discusses of if Hanabi could win, that Yamato would win but he is a jerk and some students do not want to support him. Several theories were discussed. "Hurry up, we have to be going." Kinko watched as the group behind Shibui started to build larger and larger, while Hanabi's small band was made up of varied ideologies. Some wanted the underdog to win, some did not want to support Shibui and a select few might have actually believed Hanabi. The confidence of Shibui was growing but Kinko knew that Hanabi would be able to handle this situation. Kinko would then walk towards the door and wave the rest of the class to follow. "It is important to stand with those who you believe in."


The sun was shining with no clouds of cover. There was little wind and the scent of the crushing waves could be smelt from the distance. The other students stood by the sides under the cover of some trees or boulders. Kinko stood between the two students with his arm in the air to prepare the students to begin their testing. The cheers, boos, and wild yelling could be heard from the sidelines. The two must have been under some pressure from their constituents. Shibui had to prove a vast majority of the class that he was superior; however, Hanabi had a small group of support that took the losing odds. Additionally, Kinko knew about the scuffle from the other day. There was a reason why Kinko was sent to toughen up the students. "Now then, remember the objectives. You two have 5 senbons each and there are 5 targets down this rally." The rally was about 50 meters, with two lanes the separate the two. "Points will be granted based on speed, accuracy and precision, technique, and power." The Uchiha looked around at the students who were hollering all sorts of words. "Get set, go!" He said as his arm sent the signal to begin the rally. Hopefully, Hanabi would be able to prove his worth.


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