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Mission Details:

Mission name: Fly the Coop.
Mission rank: D. (Non-Repeatable)
Objective: Construct Communication Outpost.
Location: Konohagakure no Sato - Market District
Reward: 150 Ryo.
Mission Description: You've been contracted by an individual to build a messenger bird's landing post for his organization. It's simple - construct or place an existing birdhouse in the busiest parts of town, that messages can flow freely in and out to whoever might need to send them or receive them. 
Mission Details: The birds. THE BIRDS.

They're territorial, and they will peck at you relentlessly. Don't kill them, they're someone else's property.

Another busy day in the Hidden Leaf Village. Well, for him anyway. Kisei had recently been swamped with the legal proceedings that came with owning a house as well as a business. Not to mention the lack of aforementioned business draining his funds incredibly quickly. His talk with the Hokage left him confident in his place inside the village but that same confident was not present when it came to financial troubles it seemed. Shouto laughed at him as Kisei mumbled his troubles. The Sumiko had decided to become his bodyguard as well as the janitor, the maid, cashier, and shopkeep when the Ushinatta wasn't around to do it. For that he would always be thankful, however his sarcastic sass and lifeless eyes still needed to be fixed. Speaking of fixed he was taking odd jobs left and right to try and counteract the numerous bills this village decided to send his way. Gosh darn it.

So far he has rescued a cat, fill in for a stripper at this one obscure club in the red light district (how that was legal for him Kisei didn't question when they paid him). His current job had him constructing some sort of bird house for this random company that he didn't bother to research about. He was only concerned for the money right now. Kisei could only hope it wasn't some creep's idea of a joke or a stalker's way to communicate with their own kind.

He waved to Shouto dismissively on his way out, carrying just a scroll containing the materials he needed for this mission and his umbrella of course. As a back up his pinwheel was strapped on his back with a cloth sling.

The mission called for a busy area. So he was confident this wasn't anything shady, though he still was unsure. Either way he was getting a bit richer by the end of it. His first thought was to convert his old stand into the Bird Coop the company wanted but that seemed like something that could deter potiential clients. Who would want a bird in their face as they reached for his pamphlets? Nope, nope. He wasn't going to lose the already small client base he has. So he did some problem solving and got to thinking of a another crowded place in Konoha that would make sense. A market place seemed natural, but it seemed risky if they used nontraditional carrier birds for their messages. The poor chickens...

Screw it. He wasn't gonna waste half a day on this. So he set up a small spot in the marketplace near the stand. A decently spaced area that wasn't too far from the main crowd but was still close enough. Hopefully that would be okay with his employers.

And that was the story of how Kisei lost his other eye. Just kidding. Kisei had underestimated how powerful, and unsuitable, his pinwheel actually is against ordinary wooden planks. All attempts to shape the wood was met with sad failure and a chakra welding technique to repair the shredded wood. So instead he moved back to his stand and removed a few planks to finish building the bird structure.

Kisei walked through the increasing crowds with surprising ease, finding himself at the stand and back to the marketplace rather quickly. He supposed when you were carrying massive wooden planks it was easy to push through people. If only that stripper job was this easy. he thought negatively. Despite the set back on materials and tools Kisei managed to finish in a few hours. Not too bad really. Although... When Kisei looked closer at it he noticed something was off: it was too tiny to fit his hand, much less a bird. Gosh darn, now seems I gotta restart all over again. He was seriously gonna murder something at this point. He was too tired to do anything more than a  quick adjustment. Grabbing a tiny hand sized saw to his side Kisei quietly and patientlu cut through the wood and thickening the entrance. He kept brushing and polishing and cutting until he was finally set on a design.

Looking at his completed work Kisei quirked his head to the side. Studyng it. Cautiously he slide a hand into it, this time without any resistance. Seems the eduts worked, at leadt they worked enough to allow his tiny fisys to fit in there. Ready or not, he was done for today. 

[Mission Complete]


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